Soul Shoppe has brought school communities together for 20 years through in-school workshops and assemblies. Now, we are excited to deliver those tools and frameworks in a digital format. We have worked hard to create a new curriculum that speaks to the current issues and challenges our young people grapple with on a daily basis. Our experts have designed our online courses to help kids overcome isolation and strengthen their relationships.

All of our courses are designed to give students a deep experience of empathy and connection. In alignment with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies and our specific emphasis on restorative practices, equity and belonging, our online courses help students acquire tools to be more emotionally resilient, empathetic, happy, and productive. Live stream lessons can be added to leverage a hybrid learning model and provide an enriched experience for the students.

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We use mindfulness and embodiment techniques, social engagement exercises, art, and restorative practices to teach kids how to recognize, manage, and express their feelings and needs in healthy ways. 


Designed by our Social Emotional Learning experts to help kids overcome isolation and strengthen their relationships, this course is offered in grade-appropriate levels that tracks with cognitive and emotional development. 


It can be difficult for kids to appreciate the things that make themselves or others unique. As they grow up, they learn that sometimes we celebrate differences. But other times, we tease or put people down because of them.


Often we tell ourselves that we should spare children the discomfort of facing tough issues head-on – that we should wait until they’re older. But what most parents don’t realize is that you are always communicating about race, whether you address it explicitly or not. 


Soul Shoppe is hosting a series of interactive virtual Livestream sessions for student Peacemakers. If your school currently has trained Peacemakers, this is created for them! 


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I was so impressed with the way Heath (Soul Shoppe facilitator) managed the different- aged audiences and engaged them, entertained them, taught them with words and music and the interactive video. He was awesome!

Judy Schmidt

Counselor, Longden Elementary School, Temple City, CA

The Soul Shoppe program is a great resource for schools to have, but a great program is not enough. Having facilitators, who bring the needed energy, passion, and stage presence are what makes the program truly effective. Thank you for making JFK an even better place these past two years!

N. Fahey

4th Grade Teacher, John F. Kennedy Elementary School

This assembly made our students think. If you had asked any of our students before the assembly their definition of a bully, they would have said a bully is a kid who wanted their lunch money. But to see the girl in the video talk about emotional bullying, it really made a huge impact on our school. To see the different kinds of bullies made us all think.

Bill Maggins

Principal, Greenwood Elementary School, Toledo, OH