Elementary School Parent Programs

We’re excited to offer a host of new parent workshops and workshop series for the 23-24 school year in partnership with a host of experienced and talented educator partners. Contact support@soulshoppe.org to schedule a workshop or series.

One Hour Workshop

How to Stay Calm When Your Kid Is Not

A session for parents and caregivers trying to remain grounded when their child is frustrated–or frustrating! Explore why we get triggered, our common trigger responses, and how to find peace in the eye of the hurricane. Diving into your personalized trigger type and how to short circuit your flight/ fight response and close the stress cycle will make staying calm second nature

Workshop Series

Get Off that Phone: Screens, Relationships and Family

This three part workshop is designed for parents looking to create healthy screen time boundaries for their kids and theirselves. Learn about the nascent brains science on kids’ screen use, how to establish age appropriate screen boundaries in partnership with your child, how to build safety plans and digitally detox when needed.


Decolonizing Parenting for Beginners

This four part workshop series explores how generational trauma works, teaches language to describe decolonization and develops mindset shifts for liberation. Over the course of the series, parents, caregivers and educators will learn how to sustain the journey of decolonization through play, storytelling and community building.


Building Safe and Sacred Containers at Home

A four part workshop series trains parents and caregivers in exploring restorative justice practices in the home, with a focus on helping parents feel more secure and supported in their daily decisions. This course dives into the science behind adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress, encouraging us to step into liberated parenting as we raise the next generation.


Parenting Reset 

This 5-part workshop series is designed for parents trying to navigate tricky moments with their children–a child who is struggling at home or at school and needs new or additional support. Help kids to move smoothly through everyday situations by nurturing and reinforcing the relationship between parent and child, relying on brain and nervous system science to support cooperation.