Parent Programs

One-Time Virtual Parent Workshop

At a one-time Parent Workshop, we share the Soul Shoppe tools that children learn at school along with some secret parenting tips that ensure your children actively contribute to a positive environment and can independently resolve conflicts.

This 90-minute virtual live workshop for parents will focus on the following:

  • Why kids tease and take feelings out on each other and even choose to bully sometimes, and how to help them stop themselves and help each other.
  • How to solve conflicts at home respectfully and effectively.
  • Simple ways to help your children feel more connected to you.
  • How to use the positive lessons your child is learning from Soul Shoppe at home.

4-Part Virtual Parent Workshop Series

In a four-part Parent Workshop Series, we share the Soul Shoppe tools children learn at school and share practical tips for using the tools at home. Parents learn parenting tools & frames to support deeper connection with their children in a “connection before correction and direction” approach. We partner with Positive Parenthood to present a program that helps parents create cultures of empathy and understanding, blending Soul Shoppe’s and Positive Parenthood’s tools.

Each Series is customized for your school community and led by Dr. Chelsey Hauge-Zavatela. The series is available in English and Spanish. Sample topics include:

  • pandemic parenting: coping with big feelings
  • tools of the heart at home: fostering cooperation
  • the three yesses: helping children navigate isolation & uncertainty
  • order that soothes: reducing chaos & creating soothing environments at home
  • managing transitions: helping children move through daily transitions
  • modeling for our children: practicing Tools of the Heart in our own lives.