Elementary School Parent Programs

We are pleased to oer four dierent parent programs for the 2021-22 school year. Choose from our one-hour workshop or three dierent workshop series presented by our partners, After Schooling Better and Positive Parenthood.

One Hour Workshop

Parents and families will review the communication tools and problem-solving strategies their students are learning from Soul Shoppe programs. Parents will have an opportunity to learn and practice the tools and experience ways to use them at home for better communication and fewer conflicts.

Decolonizing Parenting for Beginners

In this 4-part series we will:

  • Learn and apply best practices for integrating Soul Shoppe tools into the home environment in ways that honor family culture and identity while deepening your understanding of how the impact of colonization, socialization and power impact your parenting style.

       Building Safe and Sacred Containers at Home

      We all thrive when we feel safe. In this 4-part series:

      • Learn how to create safe spaces within your home.
      • Learn and apply Soul Shoppe tools and strategies at home to foster a safe and sacred family environment

        Brain-Based Parenting Support

        In this 5-part workshop series we will:

        • Learn and understand the 5 core concepts used by Positive Parenthood – the 5Ps: Praise/Presence, Positive Language & Framing, Position, Pacing, & Planning.
        • Learn to evaluate challenges at home within this framework, and how to use Soul Shoppe language & tools within this frame.