with Soul Shoppe, Dr. Pooch & Bodies of Empowerment

Change can be scary. But do you know what’s even scarier?

Letting our fear prevent us from growing!

Kids are change experts. They are faced with new situations and ideas every day. They are like little scientists experimenting and learning 24/7. But too much change and uncertainty all at once can cause big feelings that are hard to manage, and the magic of change is lost.

At Soul Shoppe, we want to show kids how to face big changes with more confidence. We want to show them that it’s OK to have uncomfortable and confusing feelings around the changes we all face in life.

Join us on April 22nd when Soul Shoppe and our special guests will show you how to Get Your Change On!

This month’s free virtual event – Get Your Change On! – is all about teaching kids (and adults) how they can flip the script of fear, self doubt, or frustration to take charge of their own narrative and embrace change.

With Soul Shoppe, Dr. Pooch & Bodies of Empowerment

Join Soul Shoppe, Bodies of Empowerment, and Holistic Health Coach Dr. Pooch as we share helpful tips and activities to help your kiddos recognize and rework the habits they create when they are dealing with uncomfortable change.

And don’t worry: there will be TONS of fun to go around too!

From playing funky change games, to emptying our emotional balloons through dance, we will have a blast while building that important emotional resilience every person needs to navigate uncertainty.

In order to become a change-maker, you must first learn how to adapt to change in a healthy way!

We invite you to join us for this awesome free community event that will leave you with understanding, actionable steps, and a warm loving feeling inside your tummy!

This FREE activity will last about 20-30 minutes, so be sure to log in on time. Simply click the button to register! Stay tuned for further details on Facebook & Instagram!

Soul Shoppe Presents…

Dr. Pooch (he/him)

Dr. Pooch is the childhood nickname of Hassan Diop, a Hip Hop artist, author of the Get Well Johnny 12 part children’s holistic health book series, Holistic Health Coach, and founder of the Dr. Pooch Foundation. He has been actively working on reversing the trends of chronic illness in children and adults since 2012 in his native Los Angeles community and beyond.

Bodies of Empowerment
Founded by the Kristin Damrow Dance Company, Bodies of Empowerment is an outreach program that embraces a holistic approach to the empowerment of youth through movement, meditation, and storytelling expressed within the body. KDC invites people of all ages and abilities to explore dance as a powerful tool of expression in their classes and workshops.
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Sign up for Get Your Change On!

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