In order to become a change-maker, you must first learn to adapt to change in a healthy way.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment — although change is necessary, it can also be extremely difficult.

It can cause our emotional balloons to fill up and be on the verge of leaking.

It can cause us to seek comfort in ways that are harmful to ourselves.

It can even cause us to have a negative outlook every time we are approached with something new.

But here is a reminder that how you adapt to change depends on how you react to change.

Read that again.

If we dig deep, lean into our resiliency and approach change with a curious mind, we can face big changes with more confidence, we can build better habits to manage uncertainty and most importantly, we can manage difficult emotions and empty our emotional balloons.

Then change not only becomes possible, it becomes fun!

And who doesn’t love fun?

In this month’s community event, we explored many healthy ways to cope with change that leave us feeling comforted, energized, and excited to move forward with the unexpected.

Get Your Change On! was a truly transformational experience where we played fun games, shared insightful stories, and even shook a tail feather!

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out this exciting recap video from Dr. Pooch:

Get Your Change On! centered on creating an open and safe space to hold important conversations around change and learn different ways to adapt, express emotions, and approach change differently in the future.

… and as you know, change is something we will have to constantly deal with it.

Something that has definitely shifted in the lives of our kiddos and even adults, is that there are now many conversations being had or shared in the media around the differences in the world — differences in cultures, race, and status. These conversations are far from easy but they are so necessary to have so that we can strive and hope for a future filled with community and compassion…

… a future where we can recognize and appreciate all differences.

The harsh reality is that when we recognize differences, we are forced to change how we look at the world.

And frankly, if you don’t know where to start with that shift, change can feel really scary and that’s okay.

Here at Soul Shoppe, we take pride in honoring, recognizing, and appreciating all the things that make each of us unique. Now, we want to share that same outlook with you and your kiddos.

We invite you to join Respect Differences, an on-demand course where kids are guided through lessons that will help them build up their self-esteem so that they can show more empathy toward people with ideas, appearances, likes, and dislikes different from their own.

This can ignite a beautiful change in our hearts, our lives, and our communities.

And that’s a change we’d love to see!

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