Project Empty:
Building your own peace corner

This years first Project empty challenge is for you to build a Peace corner. The peace corner can be built in your home, office, classroom, or even in your bedroom. Building a Peace Corner is a creative way to design a space for both adults and youth the empty their balloons. The peace corner should contain the special tools that help you calm down when you notice your balloon filling up, the peace corner can contain activities that are done alone or with others. Check out the video and links below to find resources and DIY projects. Also take a look at the video to see how one teacher is putting his own unique twist on his classrooms peace corner.

We would love to see what you’ve done with your Peace Corners. Share them on our Soul Shoppe Facebook page.


Making Worry Stones

Making the worry stones in class is a great way to build relationships with students and to explore the feelings that they experience in their balloon.

Peace Corner Material

List of items to put In a Soul Shoppe Peace Corner.

Making a Sensory Stress Ball

DIY Step-by-step how to create sensory stress ball.