Staff Training

Self-Efficacy in Teaching

For 2024–25, we’ve partnered with Adrienne Hidalgo-Esguerra at Raising Ancestors to bring a series of online staff enrichment opportunities to schools.

Fall 2024 Monthly Sessions

Throughout the fall semester, we’re holding a monthly info session to get teachers up to speed on Soul Shoppe language and tools. There are four trainings held across the semester and staff can attend any of them — the content is the same each time so staff can attend the date that works best.

To bring staff training to your school, click the inquire button.

“Decolonizing Education”

Two Sessions

This four-part workshop series explores how generational trauma works, teaches language to describe decolonization and develops mindset shifts for liberation. Over the course of the series, parents, caregivers and educators will learn how to sustain the journey of decolonization through play, storytelling and community building.

“Starting and Sustaining Antiracist Conversations”

Two Sessions

This series helps educators get comfortable talking to students about race and implementing race consciousness in their classroom. Approaches are banded by age and grade level to help educators feel prepared for keeping these conversations going as students grow.