Planet Responsibility

Available for Grade Bands K–1, 2–3 and 4–6

Our course on understanding how taking responsiblity for our own feelings and actions helps take care of the larger community and world around us. 

Planet Responsiblity helps young people understand how the choices they make profoundly influence those around them. 

Our actions and interactions have power; even seemingly small choices like what we eat for lunch or who we play with during recess. 

Planet Responsiblity begins with our core learnings from Tools of the Heart and then expands to help students think not just about their classroom or their grade, but their entire world. 

Planet Responsibility at a glance:

Digital Course

The digital course contains 12 lessons total (6 modules of 2 lessons each). Each lesson takes 30-35 minutes to complete. 

In-Person Workshops

Planet Responsibility in-person workshops are held as a set of six full-day workshops where our facilitators see each grade level separately (typically 45 minute to 1 hour for each grade).  

Classroom Visits

Workshops can also be augmented with classroom visits, where our facilitators come into individual classrooms for more intimate group work and discussion. 

Majik Kids App

This course includes our partnership with the Majik Kids app, offering audio stories, music, meditations and activities to spark creativity and joy. Schools who purchase this course automatically receive a free subscription to the app for all students.