Welcome back to school!

Whether your campus has returned in-person, offering hybrid options or remaining virtual, we know you want the very best for your students and staff.

Back to school this year has had unique uncertainties and challenges. We all have feelings about returning to school. Students, after a year of social and emotional skills loss, will have really big feelings. Left unprocessed, these feelings can lead to dysregulated behaviors and get in the way of not only their own academic success, but also the success of their classmates.

How do you create a culture of peace, empathy and respect so that your campus is primed for learning? How do you give your teachers the support they need to do their best in the midst of continued uncertainty, competing priorities, and myriad other challenges?

Soul Shoppe, for 20 years, has supported elementary school administrators with their goals of providing fun and effective learning experiences for their students. Our CASEL-aligned curriculum is delivered using a combination of mindfulness, social justice, peer-based conflict resolution and embodiment practices. Students learn how to express their feelings in healthy ways. They learn to self-regulate and ask for what they need. They learn how to listen to others and to repair their mistakes.

The language of feelings, like any other language, must be learned. Emotional skills must be learned. When students and teachers have access to a common language and practices that encourage respect and empathy, campus culture becomes more peaceful.Teachers spend less time regulating behaviors and more time teaching. Students spend more time learning. Everyone has more fun. 

Join us on Thursday, September 9 from 3:30-4:30pm PST for a free interactive webinar designed for elementary school leaders.

We will share the top two essential SEL tools every school community must embody if emotional health and well-being on campus are a priority.

We’ll also share three ways that Soul Shoppe can support you to create a campus environment filled with care, empathy and respect that will positively impact student performance, focus and academics.


Sounds amazing, right?

The best part is that you can participate in the party all for FREE!

September 9th, 2021
3:30PM-4:30PM PST
Held virtually on Zoom