Peacemaker Certification and Licensing

Create More Peace In Your School Community

with Soul Shoppe’s award-winning conflict resolution tools and strategies

Two paths to more peace

1. Peacemaker Trainer Certification

Build a team of student Peacemakers for your school community.

  • Cultivate a school culture of peace, respect and emphaty
  • Establish a whole school system for resolving conflicts peacefully
  • Empower student voices and leadership
For Elementary educator outside San Fransisco Bay Area

2. Peacemaker Program Licensing

Run your own peacemaker training business

  • Access a model that integrates restorative practices, mindfulness and EQ
  • Profide a top-notch program that has a history of effectiveness and success
  • Join a like-minded community of changemakers

For entrepreneurs outside of the San Fransisco Bay Area

Certification Training

June 25 – 30, 2020

Train students in your elementary school

Licensing Training

June 25 – July 1, 2020

Run a business that brings peace to elementary schools in your local region

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