Join Us for

Thursday, May 9, 2024
7-8 pm PT

100 New Playgrounds

100 new Peace Paths on 100 new playgrounds!

This year’s Peacemaker Awards and Fundraiser is focused on reaching 100 schools who need support launching their Peacemaker program.

At this year’s Peacemaker Awards and Fundraiser, we’re raising funds to support 100 schools to receive Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path, a powerful tool for resolving conflicts and fostering understanding. Imagine students knowing how to work through problems cooperatively, just like they know the rules to four-square.

Picture This

Imagine — the sounds of a peaceful playground.

Imagine — the faces of kids having fun and playing full out.

Imagine — a playground where every kid belongs.

During This 1-Hour Event, You Will

  • Learn powerful lessons from student Peacemakers
  • Listen to how student Peacemakers are creating safety on campus
  • Be inspired by the power of empathy, compassion and resilience
  • Celebrate the good work done on a daily basis on school campuses
  • Contribute financially and have the opportunity to support and be a part
    of creating more peace and understanding in our world!

Soul Shoppe’s 2024
Peacemaker Recipients

Administrator of the Year

Principal Paulette Smith

James Madison Elementary • San Leandro, CA

Paulette’s dedication, teamwork and devotion to her students’ success has been an inspiration to all of us at Soul Shoppe for a very long time. We’ave been especially moved by the way she’s gone even farther above and beyond for her Student Peacemakers this year and watching them shine. Beautifully done! 

Peacemaker Trainer of the Year

Yutonya Carter, Nicole McDaniel, Dr. Cathy Chan

Suisun Elementary • Suisun City, CA

The dedication and teamwork this team has devoted to their Peacemakers has been outstanding since the beginning of their first year in our PMTC program and they have continued to grow and blossom. Now in their second year, the Suisun team leads the way with innovation, wisdom and skillfully coordinated success.

Student Peacemaker Team of the Year

The Student Peacemakers of

George Gervin Prep Academy • Phoenix, AZ

We’ve been incredibly impressed by how well the Student Peacemaker Team has done right off the bat and by the innovative ways they have debuted the program, honoring the whole school community at their red carpet event! Come see how amazing these Peacemakers are.

Be a Part of the
Peace Path

Let’s pave the way for a generation of Peacemakers and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in an atmosphere of safety and peace.

Together, we can make the dream of a Peace Path on every playground a reality.

Join us in building a brighter, more peaceful future for our youth!