Online Courses for Elementary Schools

Soul Shoppe has brought school communities together for 20 years through in-school workshops and assemblies. This year, we are excited to deliver the tools and frameworks that have proven
successful year after year in a digital format. We have worked hard to create a brand new curriculum that speaks to the issues and challenges our young people grapple with on a daily basis. Contact us to discuss which program best fits your school’s needs or click here for our updated sales sheet for online learning programs.

Soul Shoppe’s Course Bundles

Soul Shoppe’s programming is designed to give students a deep experience of empathy and connection. Our online courses help students and staff acquire tools that infuse the culture with a common language grounded in empathy.

In alignment with CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) SEL (Social Emotional Learning) competencies and our specific emphasis on equity and belonging, we have a series of 3 different course bundles.

Each Course Bundles includes:

  • 4 SEL courses
  • Each course has recorded lessons and is delivered into 4 grade levels (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6)
  • Follow-up lesson for home

Course Bundles PLUS Live Stream Lessons

You will receive Tools of the heart bundle that also includes Virtual Live Lessons with a facilitator. 4 Digital courses + 4 Live Stream
Lessons. After your students have watched one of the Digital Lessons, then schedule a live lesson to deepen the learning and practice the skills for real time issues and conflicts. Our facilitators will lead interactive live lessons for each grade level that will support your students to feel more connected and empowered.

Online Peacemaker Certification

The Peacemaker Program is a Student Leadership program that trains a team of select 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to solve problems and provide allyship and communication support to their peers. Peacemakers are on the lookout for ways to support their fellow students, whether helping to de-escalate an argument or asking a lonely student to join their game.

Certify 2-3 school site representatives to build your school’s Peacemaker Program. Certified trainers will train your student Peacemakers to resolve problems on the playground and in the classroom fostering leadership and communication skills throughout your school community.


We teach kids tools to self-regulate, support friends, and resolve conflict. They develop the skills to have healthy relationships at school and at home.


Our trained staff bring dynamic workshops to elementary schools. Student get to experience empathy and see our tools modeled by their peers.


Our experiential, brain-based learning model is rooted in proven early childhood development practices.