Middle School Program

Middle school students face tough issues every single day and need a safe space to talk about what’s really going on for them.

Our middle school workshops provide that opportunity through interactive stories and engaging games.

We look beyond assumptions and judgments and take the time to really get to know one another. Every workshop leaves students more connected to one another and knowing how to make the school better for everyone.


6th Grade

Imagine a school where students truly feel safe to be themselves. During the 6th grade year, we help students transition to middle school life, giving them the tools to Be Real, challenge their assumptions, express themselves powerfully and work out problems in healthy and helpful ways.


7th Grade

Stereotypes, gossip and judgments hurt everyone. Our 7th grade programs focus on recognizing and healing all the ways we hurt each other with our words and actions. Students will feel more empathy and learn how to take responsibility for how they treat one another.


8th Grade

We want our kids to have a level playing field for their success in society, but the reality is they don’t. In 8th grade, our students will look at values, peer pressure, societal oppression and ally-ship, learning tools and strategies to powerfully speak up for themselves and stand up for others.