Creating a Safe & Bully-Free School!

With vicki abadesco!, Soul Shoppe’s Executive Director

Is bullying, teasing or other student behaviors an issue on your school playground?

There’s no such thing as a bully.

We believe kids carry big feelings they don’t know what to do with, and they need strategies to help them navigate through life’s challenges.

Join this FREE 60-Minute Workshop: Creating a Safe & Bully-Free School

In This Workshop, you will:

⦿  Learn 3 strategies to immediately decrease bullying on your campus

⦿  Have an experience that helps you understand the heart and mind of a child that is

experiencing bullying so you know how to diffuse it

⦿  Develop a deeper understanding of the origins of bullying, empowering you to

implement long-term solutions for a more compassionate school culture

This interactive workshop will provide hope, as well as helpful strategies to create a culture of care and respect on your playground and at home.

Our 3-part Free to Be digital course can bring these strategies to life for your students giving the entire school community a common language for decreasing bullying and teasing, and increasing respect, care and fun on the playground!

Thursday, November 9th from 3:30-4:30pm Pacific

ABOUT vicki abadesco!

vicki! is the co-founder and director of Soul Shoppe, an organization that teaches strategies for social-emotional awareness, conflict resolution, bullying prevention and empathy building to elementary and middle school communities. vicki! is a seasoned educator, coach and facilitator who has led groups and programs for over 35 years, touching the hearts of thousands of people. 

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