Free to Be Online Course

Designed for Grades K-2 & 3-6

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There’s a better way.

Decrease teasing, bullying and hurtful behaviors, and increase safety, respect and FUN! Soul Shoppe’s Free to Be course is designed to help kids better understand bullying and how they can take responsibility for a more peaceful school community. Whether you choose just 1 mini-course or the entire 3-part series, students will learn to identify bullying and gain strategies to stop the bullying at its very roots. Learn how to create a bully-free school community!

In this on-demand course, students will learn to define bullying and where it starts. They will practice strategies to keep themselves from bullying and understand why people might have bullying behaviors. They will learn how to respond with empathy and compassion when bullying occurs and to solve conflicts in a way that enhances a positive school culture. 

All of our digital courses teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies that align with guidelines set by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Students gain skills that help them become more emotionally resilient, empathetic, and ready to learn. With our additional special emphasis on equity, belonging, and restorative justice, students acquire a deep sense of connection and empowerment.

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We use mindfulness and embodiment techniques, social engagement exercises, art, and restorative practices to teach kids how to recognize, manage, and express their feelings and needs in healthy ways.

What’s inside the Free to Be course

Three mini-courses supply concepts and skills that will turn your campus into a
bully-free zone. Interactive videos, writing prompts, stories and other fun activities help students
to resolve conflicts with empathy and compassion.

Part 1: Going Beyond Bullying

Understand bullying: what it is, what it isn’t, & where is starts

Practice 5 tried & true strategies to stop yourself from bullying

Build a foundation of empathy and acceptance

Part 2: Bully-Free School

Get F.R.E.E.: Learn four tools to effectively respond to bullying

Gain strategies to solve conflicts

Envision the practices that create the school culture you really want

Part 3: Be An Ally

Learn exactly what allies say & do

Practice standing up with and for others

Develop care and empathy for others and the community

Each part includes 2 modules and can be combined with lessons (in-person or virtual)
facilitated by a Soul Shoppe expert. 

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