Solomon Wilkins

Oakland, CA

Solomon Wilkins is a corporate executive, executive coach and keynote speaker who’s worked with and for some of the world’s biggest brands. His passion and perspective on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) has allowed him to help companies realize that “Diversity Without Inclusion is an Illusion.”™

In addition to working in corporate America, Solomon is passionate about his family and making a difference in Oakland, the city he was born and raised in. As a student who spent K–12 in the Oakland Unified school district, Solomon knows firsthand some of the challenges students face. His passion for helping kids and his focus on giving back to Oakland brought him to Soul Shoppe

Fun fact about Solomon: in the mid-2000s, he spent about a year as one of Soul Shoppe’s big-hearted facilitators, delivering Soul Shoppe’s programs to kids across the Bay area.