Prakash Bhaskaran

Danville, CA

Prakash is a seasoned CFO with experience in start-ups, publicly-traded companies and non-profits. As a CFO, he’s successfully participated in taking three tech companies public. In his capacity as CFO and finance committee member, he’s had broad experience working with various boards in several organizations.

He brings a broad perspective to the boardroom, combining deep financial and operational expertise along with strategy and governance expertise. This broad experience enables him to provide meaningful insights that help drive informed decisions. Having worked in diverse industries, including high-tech, manufacturing, governmental entities and non-profits, he’s able to draw on a wide range of experiences which allows him to collaborate effectively with senior management and with fellow board members.

Having had a successful “first half” of his career and having grown up in Oakland CA, he’s developed a strong passion for the non-profit sector. In this “second half,” he wants to use his expertise and skills to help organizations that work with children and families of poorer and underserved communities. Following his heart, he pivoted to the non-profit sector, serving as CFO at a community Charter School in East Oakland and a Counseling Center in San Jose. He continues this passion by serving on the Board at Soul Shoppe.

As a young teenager, Prakash moved with his family from India to the Bay area, where he’s lived since that time. He loves photography, vegetable gardening and taking long walks during sunrise and sunsets. He currently resides with his family in Danville, CA.