Monica Doherty

Big-Hearted Facilitator

Monica dreams of living in a world that’s supportive of all people living happily, equitably and peacefully; a world in which all people not only feel safe, loved and celebrated for their unique selves but where they actually ARE safe, loved and celebrated in their lives.

She believes deeply in the Soul Shoppe lessons and experiences and the depth of inclusivity and belonging they can cultivate. For nearly two decades, she’s witnessed the powerful impact of this work and is committed to creating a peaceful, fun and happy life together!

Monica’s a Bay Area native and has produced socio-emotional programs with Challenge Day and The Be the Change Movement for over 14 years, taught dance and theatre at various performing arts academies and facilitated I.BE.Me youth empowerment workshops.

She leverages that experience with her educational background in Sociology, Ethnics Studies, Inclusive and Social Justice Performance and Nonprofit Management, which inform her commitment to equity, accessibility and liberation.

Often sought out for her peacemaking nature in personal relationships, she’s grateful to be sharing her heart with Soul Shoppe.

“My fun and happy life includes going on adventures with my spouse, traveling near and far, dancing and singing my way around the world, being curious and learning new things, performing in musical theatre productions, dressing up in costumes any time of the year, connecting and laughing with family and friends, being a ‘guidemother’ to five amazing young people and playing and snuggling with my nephew. When I asked him what he thought I should say in my bio for Soul Shoppe, he said ‘You love kids. That’s all.’ It’s true!”