Madaly Alcala


Big-Hearted Facilitator

Madaly Alcala is a trauma-informed and heart-led Soul Shoppe facilitator. They are committed to helping communities heal through land-based, socio-emotional and spiritual practices. Madaly is passionate about dismantling systems of injustice by inspiring young people to connect with their hearts and become leaders in their communities. 

For two years, Madaly taught mindfulness to over 1,000 elementary students in Richmond, San Pablo and Oakland. Madaly also brings mindfulness and alternative healing modalities to middle and high school youth in partnership with another youth justice oriented non-profit in the bay. 

Madaly is a curanderx (mexican medicine person), addiction recovery coach, reiki energy healer, ancestral alchemist and environmental justice advocate. They hold space for folks in the forms of ceremony and 1:1 coaching. Madaly is also a cacao facilitator and enjoys sharing this heart opening plant medicine with children and elders alike. They are a pro at helping people hold big experiences like grief, fear and transition. Madaly has a degree from UC Berkeley in Society & Environment, with an emphasis in Sustainability & Social Justice, as well as certifications in recovery coaching, reiki, mindfulness and trauma-informed care and ceremonial facilitation.

Madaly’s ancestors are of the indigenous Chichimec, Nahua-Otomi, & Purepecha people as well as Spanish ancestry. Madaly is on a deep journey of self-love through decolonization work.

With a beaming heart, Madaly is ecstatic to facilitate at your school!