Joseph Savage



Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, Joseph has created and presented award-winning curricula for hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents. As a presenter, Joseph is known for his mastery in facilitating safe and fun learning environments where students gain self-esteem, accelerate their learning processes and where a culture of empathy becomes the norm. He co-authored “Cool Tools For Schools,” an interactive character-education curriculum for teachers and is currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books on building character.

Prior to founding Soul Shoppe, Joseph was an elementary school teacher in San Francisco where he perceived the need to teach elementary school students empathy and peace-making skills. Joseph has received numerous accolades including awards from the ACLU, the San Francisco Board of supervisors and the City of Dublin for his innovative work. In addition to his educational experience, he has written, performed and directed acclaimed theater productions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.