Jillian Sequeira


Program Administrative Manager

Jillian has delivered social emotional learning programs to schools across the country, bringing safety and joy to conversations about mental health. As a young person, Jilliaan was passionate about the intersection of art and activism, fascinated by how creative expression helps us better understand each other.

After studying how and why young people get drawn into violence at the London School of Economics, she worked in violence prevention at Sandy Hook Promise, delivering programming to thousands of teachers and teens across East Bay and beyond. She then shifted into the afterschool space at Ever Scouts, a program that taught elementary schoolers how to advocate for themselves and build healthy relationships with their classmates.

Having worked as both an in-classroom instructor and a behind-the-scenes program manager, Jillian’s number one priority is sharing lessons that are a blast for students and a cinch for teachers.

Soul Shoppe is a place where she can help make vulnerability and honesty feel less like a frightening leap and more like a comfortable, natural step we take together.

Today, Jillian still finds joy in all the greatest hits of her elementary school art classroom: collage, acrylic painting, and of course, pipe cleaner creatures.