Anthony Jackson


School Care and Facilitator Coordinator

Anthony has worked with youth in many capacities for over 25 years. As a counselor, instructor and facilitator, he’s developed and implemented life-changing programs and curricula. Certified in Multicultural Awareness for the Helping Professions, he’s adept in resiliency models, VARK learning strategies, generationally relevant material and cultural sensitivity.

it’s important to him that diversity and inclusion be part of everyday life. “Soul Shoppe is in alignment with my desire to positively impact the world by embracing our differences and honoring the importance of the empathy and compassion humans need to feel and share in order to have a fun and happy life.”

Anthony has worked with thousands of kids faced with common, day-to-day challenges as well as those affected by poor economic circumstances. He’s an author and activist for Cultural Relativism and liberation. He received a Martin & Malcolm Award for philanthropy.

“I love animation, art, writing, nature and anthropology. I love having the opportunity to utilize some of these things I love as the Lead Illustrator for Soul Shoppe workshops. Living in the diversity of the Bay Area, it’s important to me that the kids can see themselves in my illustrations and facilitation.”