Emotional Intelligence Training for Leaders

A strong company culture is the foundation of a successful business.

Soul Shoppe’s corporate training programs don’t just tell you how to build connections; we help you build connections in a workshop environment wherein you and your group can practice open communication.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


Soul Shoppe teaches emotional intelligence in leadership and restorative skills to lay the foundation for peaceful and productive discourse, even among conflict.

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The skills we focus on include

Emotional intelligence in leadership

the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions and recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others.

Empathy in leadership

understanding the needs of others, and being aware of their feelings and thoughts.

Leadership from the inside out

a transformative journey to grow yourself, grow others, and grow collective contribution.


allows us to personally separate ourselves from stressful events and observe situations from a neutral position, rather than becoming personally engaged.

Awareness of our feelings

teaching ourselves how to recognize and label our emotions.


understanding the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how to release someone from an emotional debt.

Being Clear About Feelings and Needs

owning the requests we make of others and receiving requests made of us.

Courageous Conversations

individuals are encouraged to express their views openly and truthfully, rather than defensively or with the purpose of laying blame.

Connection before perfection

understanding what it means to extend grace to ourselves and others.

Building Healthy Connection 

The overall objectives of our corporate leadership program are the command of emotional intelligence in leadership and connection. 

We investigate the status quo of your company culture by entering into meaningful discussions with your group. No one is left outside the discussion–there is a place for everyone at the table. By beginning open communication, we demonstrate how we can find the courage to speak our truth amid conflict and listen when others do the same.

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in Action

Emotional intelligence training for leaders equips you with the tools you need to keenly observe, listen, and discern even through the stirring of misunderstandings and clashes between employees, as well as on an individual basis. 

In his chapter of Servant Leadership in Action: How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results, Raj Sisodia says, “Leaders with emotional intelligence have a good understanding of their own emotional states, which allows them to more accurately gauge the emotions of others. For business leaders, this empathy places them in their employees’ shoes, thus leading to more thoughtful and deliberate decisions.”

Leaders who can place themselves in the shoes of others excel at creating meaningful connections. These connections lead to more productive work environments, healthier company cultures, and they add to the retention of good employees.

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

While it’s no mystery that diverse cultural perspectives can inspire creativity and drive innovation, finding ways to communicate amid diversity can sometimes feel like a mystery. 

We incorporate skills specific to corporate diversity and inclusion not only as a means of strengthening your team but also to strengthen the voice of diverse perspectives, which can bolster a company. The more people who have the willingness and ability to reach across cultural differences in our world, the better.

A recent article from the Harvard Business Review states, “Nearly 95% of directors agree that diversity brings unique perspectives to the boardroom, while 84% believe it enhances board performance.” Through the use of emotional intelligence training for leaders, Courageous Conversations, and the standard of connection before perfection, we are helping leaders communicate with their teams.

Emotional Intelligence Training for Leaders

You’ve hired individuals you believe will carry forth your organization’s vision. Each person’s skills–both hard and soft–are woven like threads through the fabric of your company. Your careful attention to detail during the hiring process is creating a vibrant tapestry of company culture, until . . . there’s a snag. 


As a leader, you’ve purposely collected people you believe would thrive in the work environment you’re creating. As individuals, they’re an excellent match. When you put them all together, the landscape changes as different personalities who bring differing perspectives and experiences begin to clash. 


Before you lean into the complex emotions of regret, disappointment, and retreat, we have some good news for you: this is normal. 


It’s normal for adults who take pride in their work and their roles within the team to assert themselves to both the advancement and detriment of the group. It’s even normal for the same person (or people) to be both a service and an obstacle within the same meeting! 


Our corporate leadership training focuses on connection. We empower individuals to take ownership of their emotional intelligence and help the group to respect individuals and the dynamic nature of the group. 


It’s normal for adults to clash. It’s also normal for adults to overcome and connect. That’s where we come in!


Vicki & Paul were fantastic! They created such a warm, welcoming space to allow for people to share & open up about their own experiences with microaggressions. The flow of this discussion worked out really well

Overall fantastic events and appreciate you being flexible in all things, such as choosing to do breakout rooms or not depending on size of group.