Corporate and community program

“We get to success by our relationships and the way we care for people.”
— Vicki Abadesco

Corporate leaders today are being challenged to create cultures that are safe and equitable. They are on notice to improve the trend of employees’ low engagement – the adverse effects on the bottom line are well documented. Resources are being used to encourage the employee to bring one’s whole self to work. Lately, leaders are being pushed to learn to use empathy as it becomes more and more clear that empathy and compassion are key skills.

At the same time, people are organizing in their communities to more effectively support one another, represent shared values, and effect change. Empathy and compassion are key skills needed for community organizing, just as they are needed to create school cultures of inclusion, safety and respect.

Connection Before Perfection

Doing business in the 21st century requires us to learn how to both connect authentically and produce results. “Perfection” leads to high stress, loneliness, job dissatisfaction, and burn out. Connection creates a work culture of safety, empathy and engagement.

Connection Before Perfection is an experiential program for the workplace. We bring your team together to get real in a safe and authentic way. Your team will:

  • Build trust and rapport so they can succeed together
  • Redefine and decolonize “perfection”
  • Understand the balance between connection and perfection – how to do it “right”
  • Create a culture of safety and compassion
  • Collaborate more effectively

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