Welcome, Blue Hills Elementary!!

         Welcome to your Virtual Soul Shoppe program! We miss you so very much- and since we cannot be together, we’ve built you this page with lessons just for you!

         Love, Jules, Joseph & The Soul Shoppe Team.

Lesson One


In our first lesson together, we will learn about The Soul Shoppe Vision. We will consider why and how we are amazing, and reflect on what we can learn from the Soul Shoppe Vision.



print us out!

You are amazing vision worksheet

Print out this worksheet & draw or write your answers as you watch the Vision Activity video.


coloring sheet

Print out this Vision Coloring sheet to decorate and make your own.

dara’s story

When you watch the next video, below, you will see our staff team pretending to be kids! Print out this worksheet to reflect on what is happening in the video.

Now that you now the vision, we invite you to play a little game with us! This is a silent video, and you will get to be a detective and figure out what is happenning.

In this video, our facilitator Dara tells the story of something that happened to her when she was a child. Of course, we’re grown-ups now, but we still remember our childhood. Use the Dara’s Story worksheet above to reflect on her story.