Thank you for attending Soul Shoppe’s virtual game show, Kids Say the Smartest Things!

We had a blast sharing superhero trivia and imitating animal sounds, talking about polar bears and playground problems, but more importantly: your kids had a lot of wise insights to share.

They showed us how to navigate tough conversations, how to face overwhelming emotions, how to stand up to peer pressure, and much, much more. All this just goes to show that kids have innate peacemaking and problem solving skills. We adults could probably learn a thing or two!

Thanks to your little ones and their profound kid wisdom, we feel that we have a much brighter future ahead of us. 

Now we want to know what you thought of our virtual events this year. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or a school administrator, we’d love to hear from you so we can continue to improve our programs to best serve your kids and students. 

Simply click the button below to take a very brief survey (only 3 questions!) and give us your feedback.

If you missed out, we’ll be sharing the recap video soon.