Adult Trainings Program

Adult training support you and children to continue social-emotional learning outside of the classroom.

We offer programs and workshops to support teachers, parents, and classified staff embody social-emotional learning. Learn more below and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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Staff in Service

Do you notice that even though you create that warm environment, kids are still having issues paying attention, contributing positively in class or getting along? Possibly due to factors beyond your classroom and beyond your control? Maybe things are happening at home, or their social relationships at school? There’s something else they need, to learn how to better regulate themselves. This is where our tools come in – so they can learn how to identify their needs and stay engaged. This 60-90 minute training allows for us to share Soul Shoppe’s philosophy, tools and strategies with all adults on campus. That way, we can speak a common language and work together towards a safe and productive learning environment.

Classified Staff

Every person in your school has an important role in building a school-wide culture of empathy, communication and problem-solving. Classified Staff trainings are special sessions with all the school staff to integrate our tools outside of the classroom. Classified Staff is an essential piece in ensuring that the lessons taught in the classroom get implemented on the playground. In order to best support students, classified staff needs specific tools to quickly handle the high-emotion conflicts. This training will teach staff how to walk kids through conflict and resolve issues peacefully. When given the tools and resources, the classified staff can help address social-emotional issues that may impact students’ classroom participation.

Parent Night

Want to know what you can do if your kids get teased or bullied? Have you ever wondered how to help your kids communicate effectively instead of taking their feelings out on the family? Or how to stop challenging behaviors before they start? Soul Shoppe is here to help! At a Soul Shoppe Parent Workshop, we will share the tools we teach to children at school, and some very effective secret parent tips to ensure that your home and school are places where children actively contribute to a positive environment, and can independently resolve conflicts.