5 Days of Fun

Soul Shoppe’s Recess Series

5 Days of Fun

Soul Shoppe’s Recess Series

As educators, you know that recess is an essential part of the school day for kids and adults alike.

That 15 minute, mid-morning break can mean the difference between academic breakthroughs and mid-lesson meltdowns.

Because here’s the thing: recess isn’t just fun and games.

Recess gives kids the chance to flex their imaginations, develop complex social relationships, and consolidate the lessons they’re learning – not to mention get their wiggles out!

But distance learning deprives children of that playful midday break and pressures teachers into feeling like they have to forge ahead to keep up with the curriculum, despite the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. 

The problem is that kids aren’t designed to sit still, let alone stare at a computer screen for five hours a day. And for that exact reason, recess is more important now than ever. But how do you get kids to authentically engage one another across digital screens? How can you encourage real world “play” when your interactions are limited to a digital medium?

This recess, let Soul Shoppe take the reins and get ready for 5 Days of Fun! 

5 Days of Fun

Soul Shoppe’s Recess Series

Kick back, relax, and leave recess to us!

November 16-20th starting at 12 pm PST each day.

For the entire week of November 16th-20th, we’ll be hosting daily activities designed to engage and delight your students.

Each recess will be led by one of Soul Shoppe’s talented facilitators, who will draw on kids’ real world skills to ground them in their physical environment and foster genuine connection with their classmates. Recess themes range from beatboxing with our in-house rap master, Mr. Anthony, to getting our bodies moving with Jessica and Rising Rhythm Dance Company.

Here’s the full lineup:

Monday 11/16: Bust a Rhyme & Freestyle with Randy Fortes

Tuesday 11/17: Move your Body & Dance with Rising Rhythm

Wednesday 11/18: B-B-B-Beatbox with Mr. Anthony!

Thursday 11/19: Got Jokes? James Robilotta wants to hear them!

Friday 11/20: Create Cool Creatures with Joseph Savage

Register now to reserve your place, and feel free to share with educators and families who you think could benefit from a little more play in their day.

Each activity will last about 15-25 minutes, so be sure to log in on time. Simply click the button to register for the series, and you’ll have access to the entire week of events!

Stay tuned as we announce our special guests on Facebook & Instagram over the next couple of weeks!

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