Creating a world where we all belong

To celebrate our
20 year anniversary,
we set an audacious fundraising goal of:


We Did it!

One parent from our schools recently donated and sent us this sweet note with their gift:

“Our 7yr-old matured in just a few sessions more than he did through most of virtual learning and has taught the methods in our household. Inspiring!”

We are inspired to bring the Soul Shoppe love to even more kids at school in these times. Please donate today to make a difference

soul shoppe online learning 

Soul Shoppe has brought school communities together for 20 years through in-school workshops and assemblies. This year, we are excited to deliver the tools and frameworks that have proven successful year after year in a digital format. We have worked hard to create a brand new curriculum that speaks to the issues and challenges our young people grapple with on a daily basis.

Creating a world where we all belong


We help kids have healthy relationships at school and at home by teaching them tools to self-regulate, support friends, and resolve conflict.


In our workshops and assemblies, our highly-trained facilitators "activate empathy" and create safe environments for students to talk about real problems they are facing.


Our research-based, experiential learning model is rooted in early childhood development practices that create a sustained climate of safety.


Schools Served
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Peacemakers Trained Each Year




We need this here..I can’t believe that after only one assembly the number of kids to my office has dropped dramatically. There is a new attitude here and I can’t wait to have Soul Shoppe here once a month!
Jennifer LaRocque

Principal, Edison Elementary School, Daly City, CA

The Soul Shoppe program is a great resource for schools to have, but a great program is not enough. Having facilitators, who bring the needed energy, passion and stage presence, is what makes the program truly effective. Thank you for making JFK an even better place these past two years!
N. Fahey

4th grade teacher, John F. Kennedy Elementary School

I was so impressed with the way Heath (Soul Shoppe Facilitator) managed the different-aged audiences and engaged them, entertained them, taught them with words and music and the interactive video. He was awesome!
Judy Schmidt

Counselor, Longden Elementary School, Temple city, CA